We believe in


"We want to empower people and help them achieve personal freedom"

Changes in personal capabilities are usually not monitored or recorded until it is too late and a diagnose has been given. For many people this means having to depend on others to get through the day and removes the presence of their Individual Independence.

With the assistance of our services, people will be able to detect functional and memory disorders as early as possible and take preventive actions. In unity with our customers, we help with restoring independence as well as improving daily life.


“Online activities and data storage can seem intimidating and foreign to people”

We are operating with a high sense of Digital Dignity, providing secure storage of life data. People are owners of their own data and have full access, enabling them to follow everything that is going on.

Individuals will be able to have a better presence in the digital environment by owning their life data. We, as a life data trustee, will provide the necessary services needed for easy management of the life data that ensures individuals to retain and increase their digital dignity. 


“Life is valuable, and we believe that people deserve to know how they are doing”

We provide people with knowledge about their lives, which goes far beyond basic physical measurements. Understanding your way of living and its patterns is the key to a Valuable Life and to making changes for the better. Even small adjustments to daily routines can help people prevent unfavourable outcomes and improve their quality of life.