Gaining insights from daily routines

Simple weekday practices create a rhythm for our daily life. Each day is filled with these simple actions, like eating breakfast, buying groceries or reading a newspaper. While being an integral part of our life, daily routines have a much bigger role to play.

Combined, they can give valuable insights into our physical and mental wellbeing. Benete provides Wellbeing Analytics as a Service for public and private elderly care, insurance companies, private persons and their families.


Living environment

Living environment not only has a profound impact on us, it can also shed light on our daily life. In just a matter of time our homes will be equipped with a variety of sensor technology, making it possible to capture every step of our daily life in real time.
Together with sophisticated algorithms, data generated by multiple sensors makes it possible to assess daily activities in person's actual environment and evaluate possible changes in her activities. Capturing adverse changes as early as possible, gives an opportunity to start treatment much earlier than it is done today, increasing treatment efficiency and prolonging its lasting effect.

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Ageing with vitality

Golden years are often seen through the prism of disability, forgetting about all the joy they bring. Providing loving support and preserving the sense of independence is what we aim for.
The quality of life improves when the person can act autonomously within her familiar surroundings. It gives her a sense of security and independence. Being active and motivated is the key to vital ageing.
Early recognition of various disabilities and cognitive disorders can pave way to more accurate treatment and have remarkable influence on the lives of people, and even increase the number of active and independent days of life.
As a result, social- and healthcare system will greatly benefit by decreasing elderly care costs and creating new efficient services for their customers.


Benete <3 MyData

Given the sensitive nature of the data collected about the individual, our solution will employ personal data management tools to give customers full access and control over their personal data. Incorporating privacy by design and default, data ethics and digital dignity principles into our Platform makes it compliant with the new regulatory requirements in the privacy and data protection area.

Our Foundation has cooperated with Benete in Gerontechnology RDI projects. Benete provides future looking, innovative, and highly professional expertise aiming always at good user experience."

Development Manger
Miina Sillanpää Foundation


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Benete Oy has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 877503.
Benete has received funding from the European Union for further development and productisation of Life Analytics services that focus on the analysis of seniors’ functional capability.